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Wisconsin Badgers Weathervane

Item# EZwsbadgers
On, Wisconsin! Root for the Badgers with this weathervane.

Each weathervane has zinc plating followed by a polyester powder coat, giving it a hammered copper vein finish. The weathervane is then finished with a clear polyester coating to protect it from UV rays, fading or rusting. This three part finish makes it scratch resistant and extremely durable under the harshest climates. Made in the USA.

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Weathervane Features:

  • Top only dimensions: 21" x 8.25"
  • Weight: 6 lbs. with garden mount, 5 lbs with other mounts
  • Made of 14 gauge steel
  • Includes top, wind cups, directional and your choice of mount
  • Six mounting options available: Roof mount, Deck mount, Post mount, Garden post, 3 sided roof mount, and 4 sided roof mount
  • Made in the USA!

    Weathervane Mounting Options Described:

    1. The first optional mount is a standard Roof Mount and works for most roof types as long as itís just being placed on a standard two sided roof peak. The total height is approximately 15" and the mount conforms to your roof pitch by simply bending to match the pitch. The included rod is 12 inches.
    2. The Deck Mount has a 3" x 3" base and is perfect to attach to any horizontal surface. The total height is approximately 15" and the base has four predrilled holes. The included rod is 12 inches.
    3. The Post Mount option is perfect to mount your weather vane to any vertical surface and also has a 12" rod included. The total height of this base is approximately 15 inches long and the plate is predrilled with four holes.
    4. The Garden Post Mount comes in 2 pieces and is approximately 60 inches long. The optional ground stake is included and attaches to the bottom of the post.
    5. The 3 Sided Roof Mount works well with a gazebo three sided roof or any 3 sided roof. The total length is approximately 15 inches and includes a 12 inch post. The mount easily conforms to most any pitch by simply bending.
    6. The 4 Sided Roof Mount works great with a gazebo, a cupola or any 4 sided roof. The total length is approximately 15 inches and the included post is 12 inches. This mount also easily bends to conform to the pitch of your roof.
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