Estate Vertical Oval Composite Plastic Address PlaqueZoom

Estate Vertical Oval Composite Plastic Address Plaque

Item# D661V-L
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The Estate Vertical Oval Composite Plastic Address Plaque is an excellent address marker with which one can adorn the entryway to one's house. This particular model is for the large, vertical plaque, being ovular in shape.

The exact dimensions of this address plaque are 6 inches wide by 24 inches tall. The marker is meant to bear the house number for easy visibility in a rotated manner, while also providing a cultivated, yet simple, homey touch to it.

This address plaque is available for purchase in three different metallic finished. The metal finishes offered resemble copper, gold and nickel, all of which will be contrasted against the black backing.

This address plaque is designed with long-term use in mind. The marker is composed of a durable, composite plastic that is resistent to weathering, requiring no maintenance in terms of painting and fading, and it is also made in the United States.

This model is offered at 5 to 7 day shipping, and it will come with stainless steel mounting hardware and a 5-year warranty.
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