Estate Vertical Harlequin Composite Plastic Address PlaqueZoom

Estate Vertical Harlequin Composite Plastic Address Plaque

Item# D658V-L
Adding an elegant address plaque to the outside of a home or business has never easier with the help of model number: 658V-L. This specific address marker is six inches wide and twenty-four inches tall making it one of the larger sized, vertically designed wall-mounted plaques. The three-dimensional numbers and trim create a unique depth and add character not found in the average plaque.

This classy house number is available in copper, nickel, and gold finishes which allows for a striking complementary metal to any outside decor. The use of these metals are not only eye-catching, but will withstand the tests of time, followed up with a five-year warranty. Shipping on these plaques are a quick five to seven days. Once it arrives, set-up and up-keep of the address marker is a breeze. Stainless steel mounting hardware is included and by using maintenance-free, composite plastic materials there will never be unsightly fading or chipping paint.

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