Estate Vertical Arch Composite Plastic Address PlaqueZoom

Estate Vertical Arch Composite Plastic Address Plaque

Item# D657V-L
We offer a wide variety of plastic address plaques, so be sure to see them all.

The Estate Vertical Arch Composite Plastic address plaque is twenty-four inches in length and six inches wide. This address marker is large in size and mounts on the wall. The house number is shown from top to bottom, as the plaque is to be hung vertically. All text and trim is three-dimensional, and is metallic-faced as well. Text is able to be customized to suit every home's needs.

There are three different metal options for this plaque: gold, copper, and nickel, and all are offered on black backgrounds. The address plaque is made of composite plastic, set to withstand the tests of time and all sorts of weather conditions. In fact, no maintenance is required, and Dekorra offers a five year warranty on all plaques to ensure their lasting quality.

These markers are made in the United States.
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