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Two Hearts Wedding Plaque

Item# PCS-50
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This particular wall plaque is perfect for commemorating a holy union between two lovebirds. The two hearts design symbolizes bringing two people together, and the information below (wedding date, home of) show that it is a house built for the love shown to one another.

This custom address plaque measures 15 1/2 inches x 12 1/4 inches.

Filling out the plaque is simple. It comes with "Home Of" already printed on the plaque. Simply fill out your last name for the first line. The next line will say "Established." Fill out the form with your desired date, and then you are set to go! Approx. font size is 1 inch and up for the date - depending on how many characters your date is.

A custom plaque to commemorate your love nest. What could be sweeter?
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