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Estate Traditional Arch Composite Plastic Address Plaque

Item# D654H-L
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This Estate Traditional Arch Composite Plastic address plaque is the large size. At 11" high by 16" long with raised nickel lettering and trim on a black background, it offers an eye-catching way of displaying your house number and whatever else you want to show to passersby. The sign has enough space to display your number and one or two lines of text. You can include your street name, your family or business name, or even the name of your favorite sports team.

Model 654H-L easily mounts on any wall or vertical surface with stainless steel hardware, and its sturdy plastic construction will hold up for many years with no maintenance needed -- the supplier offers a five-year warranty. This elegant address marker, with a shape reminiscent of old-fashioned street signs, is a simple way to enhance the beauty of your home.
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