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Sunflower Door Knocker

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Few things can instill cheer faster than a sunflower. But the Sunflower Door Knocker from Michael Healy gives the real thing a run for its money.

Expertly rendering this vibrant subject, Michael painstakingly reproduces once of nature's most beautiful flowers. Featuring bright gold-colored petals and the trademark dark center, these unique door knockers are forged from a combination of brass and bronze.

Sealed against the destructive forces of Mother Nature, each has been coated with a baked catalyzed polyurethane, similar to the clear top coat on an automobile, keeping it looking as fresh as its namesake indefinitely, with almost no maintenance required.

The Sunflower Door Knocker includes two machine screws that enable a quick surface mounting on any metal or wood door.

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Sunflower Door Knocker Features:
  • Sand cast decorative brass and bronze door knocker.
  • Measures 5" wide by 5" tall by 2" in depth.
  • Made from a combination of solid brass and bronze.
  • Handmade in US by an environmentally responsible company.
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