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Custom Narrow Round Inset Horizontal Address Plaque

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    The personalized Narrow Round Inset Horizontal Address Plaque reflects your desire for class and simplicity. The address marker comes in several background colors and is made from aluminum or bronze. While simple elegance is your goal, you do have your choice of options to customize this address plate.

    The address plate measures 16 inches wide by 6 inches tall and displays up to eight address numbers. Address marker will be clear-coated to protect it from any climate. Select to have the address plate wall mounted on your home using our mounting hardware, or have your plaque lawn-mounted for an additional fee for the lawn stakes.

    Made in the U.S.A. through earth-friendly manufacturing processes that use lead and mercury free alloys. What's more, your plaque comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. Allow up to eight business days for your personalized address plaque to be shipped.

    Looking for the vertical version of this address sign? See the Standard Narrow Round Inset Vertical Address Plaque.

    Remember to select the choices in the drop down menus above to customize your address marker.

    Custom Narrow Round Inset Horizontal Address Plaque Purchasing Options Details:
    • Address plaque holds up to eight address numbers.
    • Address signs are manufactured in aluminum or bronze metals.
    • All address plaques have five background plate color options and the natural metal finish for the raised address numbers and borders. The bronze address plaques will have the natural bronze text with a satin finish. Likewise, aluminum address plaques will have natural silver/aluminum text with a satin finish, as pictured above.
    • Three border options are available: no border, single line, and double line.
    • Mounting options include a lawn mount and two versions of a wall mounting system.
    Mounting Options Explained:

    Choose one of these three easy mounting options in the purchasing options above:
    1. The Blind Wall Mount has threaded dowels that screw into the back of the address plaque, hiding the mounting hardware. To mount the Blind Wall option, simply drill holes into the wall, apply industrial glue into the holes, screw the dowels into the plaque and adhere the plaque to the wall.
    2. The Screw Wall Mount means the screws will go through the plaque and into the wall. After mounted, four screw heads will be visible on the front of the address plaque. These high quality address plaques are finished with simple rosettes surrounding the pre-drilled holes, finishing the plaque. To mount, simply drill holes into the wall, place the screws through the predrilled holes in plaque and screw into the wall. Anchors or industrial glue can be used in the drilled holes in the wall if needed.
    3. The Lawn Mount makes displaying the address sign in the yard hassle-free. Two lawn stakes are included with this mounting option. To mount, two screws per stake are used to affix the stakes to the back of the address plate. The stakes are easily placed into the ground.
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