Standard Side Arch Composite Plastic Address PlaqueZoom

Standard Side Arch Composite Plastic Address Plaque

Item# D652H-M
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A custom address plaque is an excellent tool for providing a distinguished display of your house number. Many communities have requirements of prominent display of the address, but many times a faded address marker leaves visitors uncertain of their location.

Model Standard Side Arch Composite Plastic is a simple, elegant display that can be customized with street name and address. The black display is embellished with metallic colored numerals and letters in your choice of gold, silver, or copper.

The plate measures 12 inches in length and six inches in height, with curved sides. The medium sized display is able to be mounted to rock or to the wall of the home. Weather resistant treatment and stainless steel mounting hardware assure that your address marker will withstand even the harshest environmental conditions.

The made in the USA construction is of high quality, and with a year warranty, you are assured of excellent results with your customized address marker.
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