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Rectangular Memorial Marker

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This rectangular animal marker is made from solid granite, and is a long lasting way to mark the grave site of a favorite pet. The corners are clipped, which prevents painful gouges and draws the eye to the message.

The rectangular stone marker can be customized with a variety of animal symbols. Choose from an engraved cat, dog, fish (a salmon, to be precise), ducks, or a deer. The available symbols are shown at the bottom of this page - click for a larger image.

Dimensions: 13 inches wide, 7 inches tall.

It's easy to read this granite marker even in twilight conditions because it has high contrast lettering. The background is polished sand granite, and the letters are finished in ebony. This dark black on textured beige is easy to read at a distance.

There is room for up to 3 lines of custom text on the pet marker. The first line fits up to six 4-inch tall characters. Additional lines can fit seventeen 1.25-inch tall letters or numbers. The quarry will adjust the sizes to best fit the available space.

This stone plaque can also be used as an address marker. Instead of using the first line to note a pet's name, put the street numbers. To add the street name, simply type it in the second line.

The plaque includes 2 holes (one on each side) for mounting on a wall, fencepost, or rock outcropping. You can also add 18 inch long aluminum stakes to your order for mounting in tricky locations. The stakes are 1 inch wide, and available in black only.

A decorative scroll frame is also available in your choice of colors: black, white, French bronze, or Swedish iron. The scroll frame is shown below, with the mounting stakes:
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