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Pine Cone Address Marker

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  • Decorate your curbside with this understated address marker. This address plaque prominently displays your street number so that delivery trucks and friends can find your house, but it sends a signal that your lawn is an outpost in the wilderness. The rough hewn finish and pinecone motif tell the world that you enjoy nature and aren't afraid of it!

    Each address marker is unique - it's hand chiseled from the quarry and customized with your address.

  • Size: 12 inch x 18 inch x 2.5 inch
  • Weight: ~22 lbs.
  • Color: Buckskin (yellowish tan)
  • Font Size: 3.75" Tall Numbers for up to 4 digits (if you need a fifth digit, all of the numbers will be slightly smaller so that they fit)
  • Letter size will be smaller and varies based on how many letters are used (up to 20 will fit)

  • The numbers are sand carved directly into the flagstone and color filled with an exterior enamel finish for easy viewing.

    Made in the USA
    The flagstone is quarried in Arizona and all columns are handcrafted in California. These are natural stone, which is why the color may vary.

    All columns have saw cut level bottoms. These flat bottoms make it easy to install these plaques in the ground or on hard flat surfaces.

    The high contrast addresses and designs are sand carved directly into the stone and color filled with an exterior enamel finish. Each column is sealed with an acrylic polymer that is water based and meets all EPA and California Air Pollution requirements. These address markers resist rust and water stains, while protecting against spalling (freeze-thaw) and reducing efflorescence.

    All columns vary slightly in color and size, because they are made by hand from natural stone.
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