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Standard Montague Address Plaque

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Sometimes the color of a home or building can be tough to match when looking to furnish it with exterior accessories. But with the Montague Standard address plaque, the subtle yet accent lettering blends perfectly with practically any color.

Set against a contrasting background, each of these handmade address plaques holds up to five 4.5-inch numbers or two lines with up to five 3-inch numbers and 17 characters on a second line, allowing you to personalize it with your unique house number and street name.

Plus, this design allows for an optional third line with family last name around the top arch.

In addition, the Montague Standard address marker is treated with a protective layer of baked-on enamel, preserving the sheen and dark finish for years even in rainy or humid climates. The unique shape and faithful design make this one smart addition that instantly dresses up the exterior of any building.

Dimensions: 15.5 inches x 9.75 inches.

Standard Montague Address Plaque Features:
  • Measures: 15.5" W x 9.75" H
  • Made in the US
  • Weather resistant
  • Available in choice of 24 color combinations
  • Holds up to:
    - ONE LINE: five 4.5" numbers OR
    - TWO LINES: up to five 3" numbers and 17 characters below the numbers
    - OPTIONAL 3rd LINE: with family last name around top arch
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