Estate Designer Horizontal Composite Plastic Address PlaqueZoom

Estate Designer Horizontal Composite Plastic Address Plaque

Item# D660H-L
We carry a large variety of styles and sizes in our plastic address plaques.

It is important for residential homes or office buildings to prominently display their house number for a variety of reasons including postal delivery and emergency services. The DekoRRa address plaque offers a unique way to display the number.

This plaque measures 24" L x 6" H and comes in three color choices of copper/black, gold/black, or nickel/black. The DekoRRa 660H-L will be a beautiful addition to a residence or business.

The DekoRRa 660H-L plaque is made in the USA and is of a three-dimensional design. Because it is made from weatherable, composite plastic it is also a no maintenance product. The mounting hardware is made from durable, long-lasting steel and is included with the address plaque. DekoRRa also offers a five-year warranty for the 660H-L plaque. It normally takes only 5-7 days to ship this product, so one can expect their order to be processed and delivered promptly.
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