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Fleur De Lys Doorknocker

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The Fleur De Lys Doorknocker from Michael Healy beautifully reproduces one the world's most iconic symbols of monarchy, one that has appeared on countless European flags and coats of arms throughout the centuries.

Produced in a range of materials, including brass, nickel, oiled bronze or a colorful combination of all three, these unique door knockers are a regal and stunning addition to any home or office and make a memorable gift for weddings, anniversaries or business appreciation.

This handcrafted artisan door knocker is coated with a baked catalyzed polyurethane to prevent tarnish and fading and is easily maintained with a wet sponge and some mild soap. It also includes two machine screws that allow for surface mounting on both metal and wood doors.

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Fleur De Lys Doorknocker Features:
  • Sand cast decorative brass, nickel or oiled bronze door knocker.
  • Measures 6" wide by 6" tall by 2" in depth.
  • Finish options: Brass, Oiled Bronze, Nickel Silver, and Tri Color (combination of the three metals).
  • Handmade in US by an environmentally responsible company.
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