Standard Designer Rectangle Composite Plastic Address PlaqueZoom

Standard Designer Rectangle Composite Plastic Address Plaque

Item# D647H-M
See our full line of plastic address plaques for more styles and sizes.

Add just the right stylish touch to the outside of your home with this beautiful, custom engraved address plaque. This eye-catching piece is professionally finished in either a brilliant metallic gold, copper, or nickel. A perfect address marker that offers both flare and function. Display your house number and proudly put your home on the map.

Address plaques are available in over a dozen custom shapes and sizes to suit your needs. You may choose what fits your design criteria, and also select a finish that adds to the appeal of your home. This horizonal plaque measures 12L by 6H, and will prominently display your personal house number. Plaques are engineered from a durable composite plastic and are maintenence free. Never concern yourself with painting or fading. Stainless steel mounting hardware and a full 5 year warranty are included with your plaque.

Custom address plaques are conveniently ship within 5 to 7 days.
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