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Coyote Door Knocker

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    When it comes to artisan craftsmanship, few can beat the door knockers from Michael Healy. But with the level of intricate detail found in the Coyote Door Knocker, Michael has outdone even himself.

    Featuring a combination of brass and bonze, this unique piece depicts a coyote, beautifully designed in a combination of the two metals, frozen in mid-howl with the moon looming low in the background. The exceptional quality of the piece enables it to blend seamlessly with any existing décor or color scheme, making this an ideal gift for almost any occasion.

    Plus, the Coyote door knocker has been sealed against rust and corrosion with a protective coating of baked catalyzed polyurethane. Each kit comes with two machine screws, providing a simple and convenient way to mount this stunning accent to the surface of any metal or wood door.

    If you're looking for a similar themed door knocker, check out the Cactus Door Knocker.

    Coyote Door Knocker Features:
    • Sand cast decorative brass and bronze door knocker.
    • Measures 6.5" tall by 4.5" wide by 1.25" in depth.
    • Available in combination of brass and bronze.
    • Handmade in US by an environmentally responsible company.
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