Standard Classic Horizontal Composite Plastic Address PlaqueZoom

Standard Classic Horizontal Composite Plastic Address Plaque

Item# D656H-M
If you're looking for something a little bit different, take a look at our other plastic address plaques for more styles.

It's important to properly display an address marker that will make your house number easy to read. An address plaque doesn't just serve the needs of visitors. It also provides critical information to emergency service responders in your community, whether in identifying your property or in finding a point of reference en route to another home. It's nice, though, to find an address plaque that is decorative and attractive to display your house number.

The rectangular address marker measures 18" in length by 4" in height. The horizontal plaque is available in metallic and black design, with a choice of gold, silver, or copper numbering and embellishment. Made in the USA of weatherable composite plastic, this durable address plaque is guaranteed by a five year warranty. Stainless steel hardware for mounting is included with the plaque. Additional sizes and orientations are available. Due to customization, plaques take between five and seven days to ship.
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