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Chili Pepper Door Knocker

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Some people say, the spicier a chili pepper is, the better it tastes. If that's true then the Chili Pepper Door Knocker from Michael Healy is so hot it should be considered a delicacy!

Forged through the age-old art of sand casting and using an attractive combination of brass and bronze, each of these decorative doorknockers features Michael's signature level of intricacy and detail.

They're also coated with a baked catalyzed polyurethane, similar to the clear top coat on an automobile, which keeps them free of rust, tarnish and corrosion for years. When they do become soiled, a quick wipe with a wet sponge and some mild soap restores their like-new gleam.

Plus, each doorknocker comes with two machine screws that are designed for surface mounting and work equally well on metal or wood doors.

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Chili Pepper Door Knocker Features:
  • Sand cast decorative brass and bronze door knocker.
  • Measures 2.5" wide by 7" tall by 2" in depth.
  • Made from solid brass and bronze.
  • Handmade in US by an environmentally responsible company.
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