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Custom Porcelain Address Tile

Item# CER-ATIV0516 American Bold
This custom porcelain tile is both beautiful and durable. It consists of a 3/8 thick porcelain tile which is bonded to a tough expanded polystyrene backing (backing optional).

The total thickness is 3 5/8 which works great when placed into brick or natural stone. There is also a 1 5/8 bed depth, which fits in most man made stones.

The address tile is also available without a backer, which allows you to adhere it to an existing construction provided the surface is relatively flat. This is perfect for brick, block, and stucco.

Choose up to four (4) 4 letters or numbers.

The tile measures 5 x 15 5/8. Please choose between a backing of 3 5/8, 1 5/8 or no backing.
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