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Artisan Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker

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Looking to add a touch of nature and whimsy to the front door? The Artisan Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker from Michael Healy perfectly recreates one of nature's seemingly most laid-back insects. Flawlessly replicating the bumblebee, Michael casts these unique doorknockers in solid brass, the ideal medium for both color and design.

Each brass doorknocker is coated in a lasting protective finish. The baked catalyzed polyurethane enables it to weather the elements of Mother Nature. When it does become soiled, the Artisan Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker is easily restored to like-new condition with a simple cleaning with a wet sponge and some mild soap.

Each doorknocker installs within minutes. It's packaged with two machine screws that provide a quick surface mount to metal or wood doors.

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Artisan Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker Features:
  • Sand cast decorative brass door knocker.
  • Measures 4.5" wide by 5" tall by 2" in depth.
  • Made from solid brass.
  • Handmade in US by an environmentally responsible company.
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