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Address Boulder 3

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Molded from actual rocks, these incredibly lifelike address boulders look and feel natural since they're manufactured from cast stone--not fiberglass or polyurethane--to withstand 9,000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure and freeze-thaw conditions. The replicas of 500-1,000 lb. boulders are hollow, open at the bottom and weigh 50-60 lbs. Each model features a hand-chiseled recess and 13-1/2" (W) x 7-3/4" (H) rustproof aluminum plaque with your choice of up to seven characters in gold letters on a black background with ivy borders.

Our exact replicas are the common sense alternative to the expense and difficulty of acquiring, moving and installing a real boulder weighing hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds and then trying to mount address numbers or a plaque on it so that it looks professional.

Size: 24" W x 28" L x 9" H

Average delivery time: 4 weeks

Commonly Asked Questions

How are the artificial boulders manufactured and shipped? The boulders are manufactured from construction-grade GFRC cast stone to withstand freeze-thaw conditions and 9,000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure. They are shipped via FedEx Ground in 350-lb. test, double-walled corrugated boxes using an industrial foam-in-place packaging system.

How many years will they last? Due to modern high-performance polymers and other scientifically-developed, construction-grade admixtures, our GFRC cast stone reproductions are designed to last for generations (even in freeze-thaw conditions and in the face of mowers, watering and trimming) and typically wear in the same manner as, or superior to, natural rock.

Do the boulders require special care? The cast stone boulders are made to last outdoors for generations without any special maintenance or care, whether located in high humidity, extreme heat or freeze-thaw conditions.

Is there a manufacturer's product guarantee? A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is offered for the lifetime of each boulder if the craftsmanship is found to be defective in any way (with the exception of naturally-occurring adjustments in color). Plaques are made of cast aluminum and are finished in baked enamel paint. They are rust proof and are guaranteed to be free from workmanship defects for one year.

How many characters can the plaque accommodate? Can accommodate five 3" characters.

Can you explain the address boulders' anti-theft feature? Once customers see how realistic these 50-60 lb. reproductions look, they often agree it's unlikely anyone is going to bother with what appears to be an 800 lb. natural boulder that would require incredible effort to move. However, if a customer feels it's necessary in their neighborhood, we suggest the use of the heavy-duty metal eye bolt manufactured underneath each boulder for anti-theft purposes. (Instructions are included with each boulder on how to install this anti theft measure).
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