Ultimate Address Plaques Buyer's Guide

So you're looking for an address plaque for your home or business! If you came here first, you are already on the right track to finding the perfect plaque for your needs.

There are a wide range of choices you should consider before you buy an address plaque, and this buyer's guide will help you break down a bewildering array of products into something more manageable.

What do you want your address plaque to be made of?

One of the first things you might consider is what material that you want your address plaque to be made of.

Cast aluminum address plaques are our consistent best sellers, and for good reason. They are lightweight, so they are easy to hang. Aluminum doesn't rust, so a cast aluminum address plaque will hold up for the long haul. And there are a multitude of different styles, shapes and colors to choose from.

See the rest of our standard sized address plaques.

There is also a larger estate arch address plaque version, a two sided lawn arch address plaque version, and a reflective arch wall address marker version.

Probably the most popular address plaque of all times is the standard arch shaped cast aluminum marker. This design is classic and timeless, and goes with just about any type of home or business. It's really a great choice if you want to just go with something easy that you know is going to look good for years to come.

But there are also more than 100 different shapes, sizes and styles of other cast aluminum address plaques if you want to get something that expresses your individual style a bit better.

They even have cast aluminum address plaques that are painted to look like antiqued brass, copper, and ceramic. So you get the look of these other materials with the easy care of aluminum.

Want to know one more advantage to buying a cast aluminum address plaque? You can recycle it! When we rarely make some kind of mistake manufacturing one that makes it through to the customer, we always recommend putting it in an aluminum recycling bin to dispose of it. Even better, these cast aluminum address plaques have some recycled aluminum content, because the manufacturer uses both recycled and new aluminum in the manufacturing process.

Okay, so enough about aluminum. What other materials can address plaques be made of?

For starters, stone address plaques look great on a variety of different homes. Some of our stone address plaques are etched from stone, and some actually are stones!

Reflective and LED address plaques will make your house shine! These plaques help make your address easily seen at night. Hello, pizza delivery guy! These are especially great for houses in a cul-de-sac to reflect lights coming your way.

How about bronze? These classy bronze address plaques have a nice and solid, heavy feel to them, and come in several different finishes.

Brass is another classic option.

And ceramic is another good choice for address markers. These address markers help give you a little creative edge.

We even have some address numbers made of Talavera tile that can be mounted together to make a tile address plaque.

Lawn or Wall Address Plaque?

What's your preference? Some people with long driveways or larger houses get both a lawn address plaque and also a wall address plaque that attaches to the home. The most important thing is to make sure that the pizza man (or the police and ambulance) can find your house easily.

If you do go with a lawn address plaque, keep in mind that there are both one sided lawn address plaques and two sided lawn address plaques, depending on your need and preference. Another thing to keep in mind is that two sided plaques take the longest to manufacture, and can take up to six weeks to arrive, although they usually arrive in three or four weeks.

Some neighborhood associations have rules about what type of address plaque you are allowed to have, and how and where it should be placed.

So check with yours if you don't have the freedom to pick your own plaque because of an oppressive, freedom restricting homeowner association.

Remember the story of the guy who wanted to fly an American flag in his own front yard, but wasn't allowed to because of his homeowner's association? I'll bet that guy would probably have a hard time getting his association to approve a decent address plaque too, unless maybe it had a hammer and sickle on it.

But enough conspiracy theory talk about homeowner associations.

It's time to talk about Address Plaque Shapes!

Square, rectangle, circle, oval, arch. You name it, and we probably have an address plaque for you. If we don't have it, that means it was too ugly to be manufactured in the first place!

Pick a color, any color!

Love our selection of address markers, but can't decide which color to choose? Check out our color chart page to help you make your best decision!
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